Setting Up 20 Ipads -

What I did:

1. Unboxed. Each ipad in the set of 10 was in a separate box - no worries. The "tray" was helpful while I worked, but we're looking for a storage cabinet...which can be locked and powered.

2. Set up an itunes account on my classroom computer. Ok, so I might be an idiot, but I wanted to set up an account with my own credit information and get reimbursed. Our business manager is really great about this so I wasn't concerned. I just wanted to make it easier if I wanted to install a $.99 app - I don't need to go through any channels and to me, its a small portion of what I usually spend on my own classroom. I know others might never dream of this method but right now, I'm ok with it. It might not be a great long term solution if the school decides to invest in more ipads. I'm thinking that there will be a separate account for each department, but we'll see.

3. Installed each ipad to the account. This was no small chore since they all needed an software update. The problem was that I didn't have the account shared on any other computer so I only did one at a time. On a fun note, I named each ipad with a famous scientist name. (see email account below)

4. Selected and installed apps. So I spent about $45 dollars on apps. To me, this was a super investment since all the ipads were sharing the same account and the same apps.

5. Updated apps. Since I already had a few apps on my secondary account and chose some of these for the install, they needed to be updated - more time but I could do several of these at the same time. I expect that the update will come often so I'll need a routine to do updates. Here is the weird part. Even though my itunes account showing on the ipad and from which I did the install was a separate itunes account, the updates asked me to input my personal itunes password. So I need to check this out...

6. Set up email accounts on each ipad. The tech department created 20 email accounts for the ipads so that email could be sent and received by the device so the email addresses ended up looking like 1Newton@... or 8Einstein@ etc.

7. Selected and installed the open source textbooks and desired pdfs for ibooks. I found the CK12 organization to be a good resource for science and math textbooks, but others exist. In addition, there are tons of literature and history books available for free if you were using this in an English or History class.

What's next...

8. Decide on a case and storage solution...