Ipads well used -

From a classroom management standpoint, I'd like to minimize the "getting ready" period of the class by having specific guidelines for entry. Each student will be assigned a specific ipad which they can pick up from the charging station (or rack until I get a charging station). Luckily, the instant on aspect of the ipad will be a significant improvement over classes that use a mobile lab of computers. In fact, I don't believe there is a need to power down at all and the units should have sufficient power to work throughout the school day without recharging (We'll see how this goes - an overnight or cycled charge may be sufficient at the end of the day.)

Protected and Respected -

Since each student will be assigned a specific device, I expect them to take some sense of "ownership" over the device. I'll expect each student to "polish" the screen before they put the device away (purchase some eye-glass cloths at the dollar store) and I'll encourage them to observe clean hands policies always. Each ipad will have a case but not we're not sure what type. We'll also invest in screen protectors for each especially since it's likely they will be going into the lab... It may even make sense to buy a few of the waterproof cases for lab use.

Integrate to the Learning Process -

My hope is that we can move to becoming a paperless classroom. Notes, worksheets, tests, reports should all be delivered electronically and eventually, I hope to move to an electronic book. I understand that there will be a learning curve for the students who have not yet used an ipad or the specific apps we'll employ. It's important, however, that this process be as painless as possible, therefore, the plan is to introduce the most used apps one at a time. I expect on the note-taking front, that I'll ask students to have a paper notebook ready along with the ipad. I really don't want to interrupt a content lesson with questions like "how do I get rid of this text box?" or "where is the highlighter tool?" One or two days of practice with the app and then the "app questions" need to be held for the end of class or individual work time. This may be unrealistic, we'll see.