Periodic Table App - EMD PTE

Yes, well most of us can't get too excited about periodic tables but for those of us who do, you might want to check out this free app EMD PTE. I know that it's created by a chemical company which lists its analytical reagents for testing each element, but you never need to see that if you don't go looking for it. I love this thing for my classrooms.

As expected, for each element, you can find tons of properties and characteristics and you can also see a beautiful image of the element, read a summary of highlights, and find out who discovered it and when. All these things you would expect from a periodic table app. But what I really like about this app is that it provides information about periodic properties. You can see color coded images of the table showing specified groups or classifications such as "isotopic elements" or "ferromagnetic elements" besides the standard classifications of alkalis or noble gases etc. Click to another view and you can see the table laid out with atomic radii or electronegativity.

external image mzl.zqefhmgw.320x480-75.jpg
You can adjust the temperature to see which state the elements are in under a wide range of temperatures. There is also an interactive table showing dates of discovery and drops in the images of the scientist credited for discovery in each element block. Just a little fun.
external image mzl.zvuwexst.320x480-75.jpg
This is a great one stop shop for classroom work in chemistry. My only complaint is with the current lack of multitasking on the ipad, student's can have a mini table pop up inside their worksheet on the ipad.