Introductory Avatar Lesson on the Ipad

This will be my first time using a full classroom set of ipads and for most of my students, it will be their first time on the ipad as well. As an introductory activity, I'm considering having them create their own personal avatar image to be saved in the photo album on their assigned ipad. There are several apps which will be installed for them to do this including the following, Adobe Ideas,adobe_ideas_icon.jpg
Whiteboard ProScreen_shot_2010-08-10_at_11.47.34_AM.png, TypeDrawingScreen_shot_2010-08-10_at_11.50.20_AM.png and PhotogeneScreen_shot_2010-08-10_at_11.51.40_AM.png.

After creating their avatar, they can share them with the class and then import them to our selected notetaking app,
SmartNoteScreen_shot_2010-08-10_at_11.53.27_AM.png. There they can write a short introduction for themselves and upload it to the shared dropbox for all of us to view. This might be a bit much for one class period, we'll see.

PS. Just found an online drawing app on DeviantArt that uses HTML5 - it's called Muro. Sweet!