Storage cabinets are readily available for netbooks and these are likely to work just fine for the ipad, but are not ideal in that they won't have the optimal footprint.

Here are my thoughts on an ideal charging cabinet.

1. First, it would be a charging and syncing cabinet so that multiple ipads could be synced together from the cart. Some creative person has already created a version of this in a home-made form. See what they did here.
2. The coolest thing would be to have a shelving unit with charging pads on each shelf so that students need only place the ipad on the charging pad - no wires to connect.
3. Slots and outlets should be numbered already.
4. If no charging pads, then a docking type of configuration would be convenient rather than having dangling cords for students to plug i the doc would need to run a usb cable for syncing as well as power.
5. It should be enclosed and lockable.
6. It should be portable.

All that being said, I'm only getting the lockable cabinet right not. I have the good fortune to have a father who makes beautiful furniture and on a moment's notice he made a cabinet with locking doors that looks somewhat like a mail sorter inside with a drawer at the bottom for cleaning cloths etc. and power strips on the back. Here are some images of my cabinet for now...


Other links for powering systems and products:
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Sync & Charge Unit w/ Case
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Questions for future writing -
1. Should ipads be powered only at night so plugging and unplugging only happen once a day?
2. What type of case is best for student use?
3. Syncing multiple ipads -
4. Cleaning supplies reviewed.