It was a joy to discuss the use of ipads in the classroom with other like-minded teachers and I thank Crystal Grandison of Schoology and Eric Sheninger of New Milford High School for all their work in putting together a wonderful day. I've added the slideshow I gave below but, it wasn't really meant as a standalone. As a result, let me give some notes for individual slides below as a reference.

Slides 1-4 - just silliness and fun
Slide 5 - this is a home-made cabinet designed and produced by my father, Patrick McGuire. He rocks! Thanks Dad!
Slide 6 - power is awesome. I charge every other day and use the ipads all day every day (almost)
Slide 7 - protect and serve. These are some must have accessories. I use regular microfiber cloths to clean. I love the boxwave stylus. Still looking for the right cases
Slide 8 - Must have connectors - camera connection and vga adaptor
Slide 9 - apps apps wonderful apps
Slide 10 - so many resources are available - I put up PDF documents in my ibooks app - lots of books for free, check out the wolfram-alpha app for great information about math, science, geography etc.. amazing. There are tons of subject specific apps.... check out the other pages on this wiki.
Slide 11 - I use the noterize and smartnote apps. I store documents on dropbox and the kids upload them onto noterize where they can annotate... I forgot to mention that goodreader just introduced annotation to their app as well.
Slide 12 - These are the apps I use for sharing but I would also consider having the school get a mobile me account for several reasons. Finding lost ipads might be one and saving or sharing docs would be another.
Slide 13 - these are some of my silly favorites for classroom management and flow. The eclicker is great because it doesn't require all students to have an ipad... they can use the ipod, iphone or regular laptop as a clicker.
Slide 14-15 - Art is fun and amazing on the ipad, I recommended, Brushes and Adobe Ideas
Slide 16 - These apps are great for students creating work and displaying - Lifecards, Writer's Studio, Keynote and Goodreader can upload any format and have VGA output available.
Slide 17 - Apps for science - I used Timer HD, MultiMeasures, and apps that connect to other probes for science experiments.
Slide 19-22 - Apps for other stuff. All these apps are listed in the gdocs spreadsheets linked in the apps section of this wiki - I'd direct you there rather than rewriting all the good apps available here. (hope that's ok with you)
Slide 23 - These are the issues my kids have had with ipad. I forgot to mention that the lack of flash does impact my ability to use glogster and prezi. which is a big boo.
Slide 24-25 - New upcoming features coming on the iOS 4.2 software. Yay!