iPad Scavenger Hunt
As a first day exercise, I decided to have my students do a modified scavenger hunt on the ipad to get familiar with their particular ipad and with ipad use in general. Below is the worksheet I projected on the smartboard and asked that students work together to complete the assignment. (The items in red were not projected but are my comments to the reader.)

Ipad Savenger Hunt

Find and Do:

1. Find the ipad's name (as a science teacher, I named each ipad with a famous scientist name and assigned a corresponding email.)

2. Find and record the ipad's email address

3. Locate and save an image from the internet of the famous person your ipad is named after. The image should be saved to the photos app.

4. Email the photo to Ms. McG with a two sentences describing the major contributions of this famous person. (Later classes are asked to find new information and new images not discussed or sent in earlier emails. The final class is asked to select one of the saved images and make it the desktop image for the ipad)

5. Locate the app that contains the 'classroom rules' document (I uploaded a PDF of the classroom rules in one of four different apps - randomly selected ahead of time)

6. Send an email (or complete the google form linked on moodle ) in which you identify the following...

  • 4 apps that allow you to write or draw with your finger
  • 3 apps that allow you to type a document
  • 2 apps that allow you to create a spreadsheet
  • 3 apps that allow you to download a document from Dropbox
  • 2 apps that allow you to modify or edit a photo
  • 3 apps that could be used in the lab (and say how)
  • 2 internet shortcuts on the desktop
  • 3 trends illustrated on the periodic table app

Alternative scavenger hunt formats -

If you want to make your activity a little more physical then using QR codes with a scanning app such as
http://i-nigma.com/Downloadi-nigmaReader.html is a really great way of getting the students to interact and learn at the same time.

These QR code apps are all free to download and can make for a really interesting and fun activity with the use of the IPads which provide you the tutor with a platform to create some original ideas and implement anything you want into the codes and scavenger hunt to emphasis your lessons learning objectives.

Take a look here for some more in depth reading from a blog that shows you how to use this activity to your advantage - QR Code Treasure Hunt